home.jpgPersonal Training by Jenny DeRosa offers private, buddy and group personal training, individual wellness coaching, group fitness classes, nutrition ​counseling and independent assessment tracking to residents of the Chicagoland area including, but not limited to, the North Shore and the Northwest Suburbs.

Jenny is now offering virtual personal training​ to clients located anywhere!

I have the experience and knowledge to work with you to help you achieve your fitness and health goals!  I am a certified and insured personal trainer working in the fitness industry since 2002.

I will create and guide you through a customized fitness plan that fits into your lifestyle.  I believe that a fun, challenging and supportive environment is the best way to keep you motivated!


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“Jenny is a wonderful, compassionate individual who goes
out of her way to help people reach their full potential.” -Kim


“I can finally reach down to put my socks on with no pain. Thanks Jen!” -Bridgette