How to Succeed through the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time and many years we see our waistline suffering. On average people gain 1-2 pounds from Halloween through the New Year. Take a proactive approach to the holidays by being prepared and prioritizing self-care with these tips:

Don’t Skimp on Meals
Many people tend to eat less if they know they are attending a party that may have high calorie foods. The problem with this approach is you end up consuming more calories at your holiday party because you arrived famished. Eat a fiber, healthy fat (yes – fat!) and protein rich breakfast to spark your metabolism. The fat and protein will sustain you.
Your lunch should contain protein and veggies (think a fresh salad with chicken or beans and light dressing).
Find Time to Exercise
Even if you only have 10 minutes, take a walk, do some yoga or lift weights. Exercise elevates your metabolism and you will more burn calories throughout the day. Many people say they are more conscious of their eating on days they exercise.
Use a Small Plate
Instead of grabbing a dinner plate at the party, use an appetizer plate. Make sure your plate has variety and don’t forget the vegetables!  Try to fill your plate only one time.
Keep Your Goals in Mind
Don’t forget about your goals during the holiday season. The to-do list is long and we are generally thinking of others but don’t forget about yourself. Write down and set small, attainable goals for the holiday season. Maintaining your weight is a great start!
Utilizing the knowledge, support and fitness and nutritional services from Personal Training by Jenny DeRosa during the holiday season can ensure you remain focused and committed to your health goals.
Have a safe, enjoyable and healthy Holiday Season!

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